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Health & Wellness Retreat
                 October 29-31 


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''You need this!''

Refresh your kochos & feel energized to reclaim your true self, in order to nourish those around you!

Two magnificent days away at the magical beaches of Netanya. Feel pampered while we take care of you!

Energizing delicious meals! Feel that youthful freedom again, whilst horse riding at sunset on the beach (optional) & cruising on a boat in the sea (optional), or just relax, breath & sunbathe!

Water aerobics in our own private luxurious pool. Group fitness & yoga sessions.

Workshops on healing & reconnection. Unlock your potential for freedom, creativity, happiness & abundance by releasing emotional imbalances & other limitations that could be blocking you from reaching your true potential!

Dislodge old stones weighing you down & make way for a more vibrant lighter you!

We’d love to see you!
Do you have any allergies?

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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